Put on your seatbelts and tighten your goggles as Nana Wrinkle takes us (ACCIDENTALLY) back through time! We’ll get to experience the walls of Jericho coming down, Elijah calling fire down from heaven on Mount Carmel, a lame man healed, and finally, the day of Pentecost! Kids will get to make a new craft every night, play games, and learn some incredible Bible stories!

  • This event will be held June 6th at 6:30pm, June 7th at 6:30pm, June 8th at 12pm, and FAMILY DAY is June 9th at 12pm!
  • Vacation Bible School is for ages 3-15.
  • Transportation will be provided upon request.
  • Food is offered nightly. Please inform us of any known allergies your child may have.
  • Please call Cheyenne Pruitte at 423-797-1749 with any questions.